.​.​. and The Void Stared Back

by Chris Lenox

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Recorded at The Secret Lab, Harahan, La. from Jaunary through March 2015.


released March 17, 2015

All Songs written by Chris Lenox

Produced by Lewis D'Aubin

Cover art by Chris Lenox

Jon Arceneaux: Drums
Chris Lenox: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lap Steel, Guitarp, Mellotron, and Fretless Bass



all rights reserved


Chris Lenox New Orleans, Louisiana

I've been making music since I was given a guitar in 1995. I have played in many groups including Rik Slave and The Phantoms and The Consortium of Genius, and have made a number of recordings, some of which I feature here. Currently, I am also a member of Toonces (toonces.bandcamp.com). ... more

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Track Name: Wayside
There is no time to rectify the way
Your ineffective means have left you so far out from what you've seen
Just pass it off on your old weary friend
Who has no words to say that you've lost your place in your own world

Please don't tell me, I don't want to know
If you can't help me, then I'd rather go

You can see the world through many stranger's eyes
And wear a mask of grace, reliving all your past through bitter lies
And so we sit like weathered statues, still
The leaves are turning black while all of what we are erodes away

Please don't tell me, I don't want to know
If you can't help me, then I'd rather go
Track Name: Circles
You look inviting, but your language is not clear
I'm tired of walking, but I can't stop here
Your eyes glow with comfort, but my heart knows fear
It can only be a day, but it weighs on me like years

Icy gray noise, and no one to hold you near
No resolution in screaming out through tears
Your voice is met with unanswered pleas and silent jeers
Run around in circles seeking peace
You'll find yourself back here

All signs conflicting and no way to read your lines
No hope in ending this narrow twisted climb
Lost footprints are leading out to the pitfalls of the blind
Run around in circles till you're dead
In the chaos of your mind
Track Name: Kid
My friends all seem to pass, though on they live
Maybe to each other there's no usefulness
Though love is kept like frayed bookmarks
Guarding places that get left to rot

Words and smiles unreal in all
And for how I've tried I am appalled
No living back, no second chance
No corrective steps for this old kid's glance

How does one say what can't be said?
When all is plain to see, yet the word is dead?
No more hiding in used to be's
Only seeking and this old kid is free
Track Name: Trees In Splinters
I feel the sand, shimmering, slipping through my toes
The laughing waving hands of shadow clouds
Above the tall pines rose

Words take shape, satin smooth
Contrasting figures
Take a breath of frozen air
Trees in Splinters

A birdlike voice, meandering, sings in tattered bleats
From the distant center of the dark
Long and Sweet

Words take shape, crashing through
Contrasting figures
No punches dealt, hand in the air
Trees in Splinters
Track Name: Death
I feel his hands coming over you breathless, silent, and still
You're crying for a freedom in spite of all your will
Time's the enemy, yet one you cannot kill
The blurry space between the silence left unfilled

Thoughts of unfinished deeds swirl like the myriad stars
Shining oe'r the valley, then lost beyond the hill

With the crushing weight of each passing year I lose sight of who you were
Your voice now faded so shapelessly like a lantern in a fog
The void stared back as I look out like a child in an empty room
Come back and reach out for me
Come back to work it out for me
Come back to laugh with me
Come back relive the past with me
Come back to hold me
Come back to let go of me

Prayers for deprived needs net emptiness and pain
An atheist feigns belief as I beneath the rain
Track Name: Butterfly
All these worry lines receding into darkness
The day I don't go back my heart feels light
All the severed ties, not caring if I'm wrong
I won't feel the need to mend or make things right

If only in my mind, in emptiness sublime
Left behind in empty rooms
Silver and gold in dusty tombs
Like a ship in a passing storm
On the ocean, I'm reborn

It feels just like the winter's end laying peaceful in the valley
Children laugh and the trees are waving out to the sea
In speaking like we used to, no more rift to span
Relief and resolution comes when we extend our hands

If only in my mind, in emptiness sublime
Left behind in empty rooms
Silver and gold in dusty tombs
Like a ship in a passing storm
On the ocean, I'm reborn