by Chris Lenox

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Produced, engineered, and mastered by Lewis D'Aubin.

Recorded at The Cog Secret Lab, Harahan, La. between January 2016 and May of 2017.

All songs written by Chris Lenox

Photography by Chris Lenox

This album is dedicated to Jesse Coil

Special thanks: Michelle Gomez, Lewis D'Aubin, Jon Arceneaux, Rex Gregory, Chelsea Hines, Andrew McLean, Owen Pascual, and Manuel and Patterson Guitars.

*This album was originally released November 5th, 2016. This revised edition features two additional tracks and new mastering*


released May 20, 2017

Jon Arceneaux: Drums (1,2,4,5, & 8)
Rex Gregory: Soprano Sax (2) and Fender Rhodes (5)
Chelsea Hines: Violin (2)
Chris Lenox: 6 & 12 String Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Mellotron, Organ (4), Vocals, & Percussion
Andrew McLean: Tabla (2)
Owen Pascual: Bass & Taurus Pedals (5)



all rights reserved


Chris Lenox New Orleans, Louisiana

I've been making music since I was given a guitar in 1995. I have played in many groups including Rik Slave and The Phantoms and The Consortium of Genius, and have made a number of recordings, some of which I feature here. Currently, I am also a member of Toonces ( ... more

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Track Name: Tierra de Nadie
Track Name: Only Laugh
The moving air
Through trees of hair
Distant voices only pine

The Trees and sky
Keep silver eyes
Angry seabirds calling fierce

The hills and day
The dancing May
Fall away like distant drums

A father's laugh
And friends long passed
Faded pictures only laugh

Angry voices, breaking waves
Emerald green the silent caves
Broken dawn in vistas high
Bright new birth a curious eye
Track Name: Oceans
Laurels adrift, my friend and glasses up
Drink until the stars have filled your cup
I'm going away and won't be back till April of next year
Laurels adrift and wish me luck

I've sailed to this narrow land of fortune and smiles
Weariness, lost reckoning of miles
I'm going to have to come back here if I ever get the chance
On a windless day the sun now strokes my hand

Stars alight and moonlit pines glimmer on Autumn's stair
Tidings of the days now left in jesting or in fear
The wind has robbed my hollow words and twilight deprived my thoughts
The waves roll on in your gleaming hair
The waves roll on in your gleaming hair
Track Name: New Orleans Drain
Been looking for you like some smoke ring clue
The pavement was broken, an old tree fell down
The music that played was too loud
What do you mean?
What did you see?

You think of then and wish for the same
It can't be like then, this ain't New Orleans rain
New Orleans Drain

I heard it's bad, he's in the jailhouse now
Red eyed and crazy and feeling so old
Fucked up and hopeless with nowhere to go
What did he lose?
Not what he'd choose

You think of then and wish for the same
It can't be like then, this ain't New Orleans rain
New Orleans Drain

"One Night Only" at the barroom again
Trying to find a nice girl and meet him a friend
Remember we played in a band way back when?
What did he do?
What is the blues?

You think of then and wish for the same
It can't be like then, this ain't New Orleans rain
New Orleans Drain
Track Name: Shiver
Look away to miss it leaving
Bliss and kiss and two deceiving
Taking heart with center off

Seeking light when all surrounding
All around and never finding
Falling out divided heart

Shivering in a tiny vision
Dying fire, lost intention
Telling now and all concealing

Twisting, turning all resisting
Silent tongue and none are listening
Bloodied hands the jokes not hitting
Track Name: Abita
Track Name: Fear
I don't want to lay down forever
Beneath swirling stars or sun so bright
I don't want to lapse away in silence
I don't want to be remembered or forgotten
Or thought of as not
I don't want my life laid out behind me

I don't want to see you fall to pieces
I just want to be here now with you

I don't want you to feel alone or humored
By companions strange
I don't want you to smell the leaves for the last time
I don't want you to feel angry or frightened
To feel time stop
I don't want to see you walk away unfinished

I don't want to see you fall to pieces
I just want to be here now with you
Track Name: Love Is
Love is coming back from the ledge and crying for the moon
Pulling hard at the wedge, seeing night and taking bloom
Love is setting down the fight and reaching all you can
Knowing that you're not always right, reaching out to hold your hand

Love is the strangest star you've ever dreamt upon
Damning all of the petty scars, I think we can make it, but how far?
Lift a dream out of the sand, all your time is in your hand
Sometimes you take a compromise or give away all your land

Love is looking back at last and seeing you weren't alone
Love is coming back from afar and finding that you're home